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We believe that every human has a right to be healthy and well

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Once you understand cannabis and use its powerful medicines, your life will change, because cannabis speaks to many conditions, and its benefits expand every day.

For patients looking for safe, effective, and consistent relief there has to be a better way.

At Knox, we believe that with the right knowledge and know-how we can safely improve the lives of millions of patients suffering from the most debilitating medical conditions.

Through the combination of advanced contaminant-free greenhouses and our patented CO2 extraction process designed by NASA engineers, Knox offers the cleanest and purest products available on the market.

NO Butanes, alcohols, solvents, heavy metals, microbiologics, aflatoxins, ochratoxins, pesticides

Patient care is our number one priority.

Our standards, practices, and performance are unmatched.

Knox Knows Cannabis.